Glass tile backsplash in a Montrose, CO home

Where is the best area to use glass tile?

Glass tile is a fantastic option for remodeling and provides many great benefits. But where is the best place to use them?

There are various ways to use these pieces, especially when creating edging. But there are many other uses as well.

Glass tiles for backsplash use

Many homeowners put glass tiles to work in their backsplash. Glass is a perfect choice here because it never soaks up liquids or grease.

That means you don't have to worry about permanent stains or mold and mildew growth. The result is a cleaner space that's easier to maintain, especially over time.

Beautiful visuals and more

When used for edging, accenting, and medallions, you can choose mosaic tile for the task. These options allow you to create a piece that we can customize for your specific use.

Based on the need, we can cut these pieces into any shape or size you prefer. And the results are as one of a kind as the rest of your decor.

Installation and care

Our team of professionals does an incredible job on installation. And once in place, glass tiles are easy to care for, no matter where they're installed.

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